Citrus Crate

Citrus Crate


Designed by Dave Allen and painstakingly constructed just up the road in Sonoma, this metal crate is a nod to our agricultural heritage and disappearing utilitarian craft. Made from 3/4 inch aluminum end plates with steel sides and bottom, the citrus crate is held together by brass studs. 

The idea for these crates came from a pile of wooden plum boxes I found while sifting through pieces of a demolished barn in the Napa valley.

I interpreted these iconic boxes in a new way, playing with materials and joinery while staying with the traditional utilitarian dimensions.

A stack of three of these citrus crates used as an end table creates an elegant piece of furniture that is pure Napa Valley… rooted in agricultural history with an elegant twist.

Material: Solid aluminum end panels with darkened steel plate sides and brass screws. 

Size: 12w x 18d x 9h

Weight: 29 lbs

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